We take great pride in our strict and careful observation and control over our product's quality. We take great care in every step, starting from the collection and processing of the raw materials, with the assembly process of the components, completing the finished product to the final testing and packaging of our products; In every step, we maintain this strictness about our product quality. And every single step here during manufacturing is observed, supervised and controlled by our most senior, skilled & experienced engineers. We value the relationship & trust formed between us and our customers and we intend to keep it that way till the very end, which is why we never make any compromises about our timeline, product quality and customer services.

1. During the manufacturing process of the filaments our Quality Control Engineers keep a close observation and performs tests on matters as; the material used to manufacture the LED filament wicks & the quality of the SMD 2835 module, if the wicks were placed properly, if the SMD circuit is properly connected, if the soldering of the filaments are done properly etc.

This same observation is maintained while preparing the glass shell of the lighting products.

2. Then during preparing the semi finished product, it is checked whether the filaments are properly placed inside the tube, the kind of adhesives used to join all the parts of the product, if it is holding all said components properly or not and to do so, these tests are performed for over 30 hours

3. During the manufacturing of the internal drivers, care is taken to all the steps such as; during the soldering and testing of the capacitor circuit boards, the quality of the wires used, the laser marking procedures of the drivers etc. These observations are also made when installing the holders/ lamp bases like the type of base, the material used for manufacturing the base, their dimensions and the quality of the materials used to make them.

4. During completing the assembly of the products, factors such as if the bases are properly sealed, if the filaments are properly connected to the base and form the circuit, if there is any form of leak or not etc.

5. Once the assembly is completed, the quality tests (Hi - pot, aging, gravity, vibration etc.) are conducted to see if the finished products are working or not. If defects are found, they are immediately sent back to the beginning of the production line to either repair them and return them back, or scrap out the undamaged components and dispose of the rest, and the entire batch is re-manufactured all over again going through all the procedures from the beginning.

And only when the batch specimens pass all the quality tests, they're sent to the packaging line to be packed and prepared for sale.