SHUANGYI LIGHTING takes pride in it's testing methods to ensure the quality and usage safety of all our products. Every unit of the manufactured batches are kept in observation for over 48 hours before they are sent for packaging. During this 48 hour observation we perform:

            - Filament test

            - Light PCB test 

            - Aging Test

            - Integrated sphere test

            - Light Distribution and Beam Angle test

            - Hi-pot test

            - Vibration test

            - Drop test

Once the batch passes all the tests, only then they are sent to the packing line and prepared for package. If even one of the sample fails in one of the tests, the entire batch is immediately analyzed and the problem is identified. Once done, if it is within repairable limits or if re-assembling is required, it is immediately repaired/re-assembled and again tested for over 48 hours.