In the beginning we started our company with only one incandescent workshop. And now, our Factory compound covers an overall area of over 40,000 square meters holding over 4 different workshops; Each focused on a certain manufacturing field for lighting appliances.

Glass Workshop

This Workshop focuses on the manufacturing of all the glass components of light bulbs and light tubes from processing over 4,000 tonnes of lime glass.

Bulb Workshops

Two workshops covering over 16,000 square meters, dedicated to manufacturing incandescent clear bulbs and filament LED. The combined production capacity of these two workshops is over 110 million units every year.

Fluorescent Workshop

Covering nearly 9000 square meters, this workshop manufactures around 8 million fluorescent tubes and bulbs.

T8 LED workshop

Established in 2014, this workshop manufactures over 7 million T8 LED tubes every year.

In the future, we're also planning on opening more workshops for our new products and increasing our production capacity even further.