Q. What are the T8 LED tubes?

A. The T8 LED tubes are lights that are similar in appearance with the T8 fluorescent tubes, but has LED modules that produce the light.

Q. Why are T8 LED tubes used more recently?

A. T8 LED tubes are more energy efficient than the fluorescent lamps, have lower maintenance costs and produce brighter lights.

Q. How many types of T8 LED are there?

A. Two types: the direct wiring type which requires no external fluorescent ballasts and are connected directly to the mains and the ballast compatible type which uses the existing fluorescent ballasts. In case of the ballast compatible types, the expenditure is much higher than the direct wiring type, as the energy it consumes is the sum total of both the LED tube and the ballast.

Q. Are T8 tubes Dimmable?

A. Type 1 is not. Type 2 is only if the ballast itself is a dimming ballast.

Q. What is the normal lifetime of a T8 LED tube?

A. Depending on designs, components used and specifications ensured, a LED tube normally lasts around 15,000 - 50,000 hours.

Q. Do LED tubes contain any Mercury & UV radiation?

A. LED tubes don't have any sort of Mercury and gives out UV radiations so negligible that LED lights can now be used in the museum.


Q. When was this company established?

A. In 1994

Q. What lighting products does SHUANGYI LIGHTING produce?

A. Incandescent Bulbs, Fluorescent Lamps, LED Bulbs and LED tubes.

Q. Where is the company located?

A. The company is located at Qiandangpu, Xinmin City; a place located 45 km east of Shenyang Taoxian International Airport.

Q. What is the annual production of the company?

A. Around 110 million incandescent and LED bulbs and around 8 million LED tubes, from over 4,000 metric ton of lime glass and PVC nano-material tubes. 

Q. What is the estimated time needed for delivering the products?

A. Depending on the purchase quantity, it takes about 2 - 6 weeks. Our latest equipment, experienced workers and highly skilled management ensures that you get your products within your required delivery time.

Q. What is the annual revenue of the company earned from international sales?

A. Around USD 8 million. 

Q. Does SHUANGYI LIGHTING provide factory visits for clients?

A. Yes, our company provides full-facility factory visits from picking up from the airport to full tour around the workshops and also dropping our clients off at the airport.

Q. Can SHUANGYI LIGHTING provide OEM/ODM services as well as manufacture lamps according to another OEM/ODM basis?

A. Yes, our company serves as the ODM & OEM for several international companies as well as manufacture & supply light bulbs and tubes on ODM/OEM basis. 

Q. Which countries has SHUANGYI exported it's product to?

A. SHUANGYI exported and exports it's products to Germany, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, Algeria, Kenya, South Africa, Chile. Brazil, Mexico, UAE, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and others.